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 Alien Isolation

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I responded, "Yes, there is a plot, revolving around that thing you saw. We're on a space station, with survivors sticking to groups and killing anyone else. The Alien is the reason for that. My character is Amanda Ripley, daughter of Ellen Ripley, from the movies. Amanda came here with a crew looking for her mother, via the  flight recorder of Ellen's missing ship, the Nostromo. Now we've come across this thing. In fact, the Nostromo discovered the Alien first, fifteen years prior. It's shown in the original film, known as Alien." I then his under a desk as I heard the Alien's clomping footsteps nearing me. I then saw it, and murmured, "There it is." It then turned my way, and saw me.

It dragged me from under the desk, revealed its second mouth, then the screen cut to black as it bit me. I said, "That's enough of that!" I then turned the Xbox off and said, "I should head over to see my friend Jay, see you around," as I left.
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Alien Isolation
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