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 Dancing With Nobody Looking

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PostSubject: Dancing With Nobody Looking   Dancing With Nobody Looking Icon_minitime3/21/2015, 12:06 pm

Nerissa walked into the woods with her stereo in hand and looked for the best clearing she could. The daughter of dreams wanted to try and write a dance for fun and after practicing in her cabin for months she finally decided on writing a dance. Placing the sound system on the ground she pulled out her iPod and began playing Bleeding Out by Imagine Dragons. It was a semi sad so fly but she loved it anyway. As soon as the beat picked up she started doing turns and bends as well as a few simple small jumps.

When the chorus struck she did a graceful stag leap and landed on her toes so she could turn into a jump turn. Raven black hair sipped around as the girl spun and she kept smiling. The song was powerful and well written. As the music went to an instrumental part she slowed herself but the moment and impact came in the song she let loose her grace again.

With the end of the song she began to gradually slow until she stopped in a pose with one arm held high and another wrapped around her waist. Her breathing was heavy but she didn't care. Dancing was a great way for her to exercise without hitting the arena and she couldn't think of a better way to spend her alone time. Destroyer of Things by Blue Stahli came on next and she went right in to hip hop and intense, jagged moves.
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Dancing With Nobody Looking
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