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 Shread It! [me and Belle]

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PostSubject: Shread It! [me and Belle]   Shread It! [me and Belle] Icon_minitime10/28/2015, 12:06 am

Kili walked through camp with Fang on his usual chain leash. Her attire was something of legendary if she admitted to herself, which she did several times a day. There was something about the way the wind was blowing or something that was really pissing the demigoddess off. Clenching the leash tighter she walked with Fang to the forest and grabbed her electric guitar and amp from their usual hiding places. Setting up in record time the girl started shredding out a killer cover of Tip The Scales by Rise Against and even went as far as singing the lyrics, screaming when the lead singer did as well. It sounded almost like heavy metal but had a very heavy layer of Rock as well. Fang bounded around and barked in his low voice when the music was intense and strong. There was no way that Kili was going to go to another lecture from her twin brother about some stupid reason she needed to be nicer to campers. There was no way in all of the Underworld that was going to happen, not while she was still breathing. Besides, he knew what she was like and how there was no saving her from that mindset she had. She was too stubborn, like her mother at times.
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Shread It! [me and Belle]
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