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 Leaving the Hunters

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Maya looked around her tent that had been her home for the years she had been with the hunters. She sighed before rolling up her suitcase and bag. She hated thinking about what she was going to do but knew it was inevitable. She had grow bored with the hunters and their way of life. She needed a change and she wanted it now. She got up and ready and slid on her boots. Then she went to the middle of the tent and placed a piece of paper there. It was a letter to Artemis and her fellow hunters explaining she was leaving. She just didn’t have the heart to tell them in person. Then she let out a small whistle which was followed by a bark. Then her small wolf cub appeared by the tent door. She went over and gently petted his face. She felt a tear roll down her cheek as she gazed at him. She absolutely hated the idea of leaving him but she didn’t have much choice. She couldn’t keep a wolf in a New York apartment, which is where she was heading. “Sit and stay,” she told him quietly. He followed her instructions and looked at her curiosity. Sniffing she kissed his fluffy head then walked briskly out the door. Then turning she jogged away her breath coming out in clouds in the early morning air. She kept on trying not to think about what she was leaving behind.
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Leaving the Hunters
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