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 A Good Place to Hide. (Open)

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PostSubject: A Good Place to Hide. (Open)   A Good Place to Hide. (Open) Icon_minitime8/31/2017, 6:11 pm

Freya crouched in a stall, trying desperately not to be seen. She had been there for about half an hour, as she was trying to hide from a couple of members from the Hermes cabin; they had started the prank war in, in her defence!

First, there had been the large spider in the sleeping bag... not funny if your mother is Athena and if you have a fear of spiders (totally rational, by the way.) The war had escalated from there and had reached its peak this afternoon when various members of the Hermes cabin had emerged from their showers with pink hair. Since then, the daughter of Athena had taken to hiding in the girls bathroom, clutching the bottles of hair dye in her hands. She had slight smudges of pink on her hands and clothes that would give her away and as she sat, she tried rubbing them off onto toilet paper... only making the stains worse. Sighing in defeat, she realised she would just have to wait until it was dark enough before sneaking back to the Athena cabin.
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A Good Place to Hide. (Open)
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