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 This didn't go as planned (private; Mack)

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This didn't go as planned (private; Mack) Empty
PostSubject: This didn't go as planned (private; Mack)   This didn't go as planned (private; Mack) Icon_minitime7/7/2018, 6:21 pm

David strapped on his armour. The pieces of bronze fit on his body like a second skin. A heavy, metallic skin that would probably get him drowned if someone pushed him into the water, but a skin nonetheless.
Hmmm… water, he thought. What if he made his armour buoyant? There was a way to modify celestial bronze like that, he was sure of it. But hold on a sec, what if that betrayed his position, or made him a target for aerial monsters?
It'd have to be on command. Like a button or something. No, too visible. A code would be better.
The son of Athena ran a series of tests through his head, adding bits to his idea or changing them out, all while mechanically strapping on his greaves and popping his helmet over his head. He was so deep in his thoughts he didn't notice someone coming up next to him.
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This didn't go as planned (private; Mack)
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