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 Breath of Fresh Air

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PostSubject: Breath of Fresh Air   Breath of Fresh Air Icon_minitime3/9/2016, 10:11 pm

The air at camp was finally a little brisk but that was not going to stop the daughter of Morpheus from having some peace and quiet to do what she loved. Carrying a portable speaker with her through the woods and smiling as she felt her hat give a fidget she made her way to the clearing which she had used time and time again to do what she was growing quite good at, dancing. Setting everything down and letting her moths unfold from the ridged hat she turned on her music and began playing A New Life by Must Save Jane and lost herself into the music. She felt like a princess dancing in the forest and had no doubt that, with her white moths fluttering around her and through her hair, she looked like one as well. Moving with grace and poise she began leaping and twirling as well as just going all out in the song and felt her cropped top flutter in the fast breeze she was causing with each spin. Her bangles made soft sounds in the midst of the music and when she heard the singing in the song her moths began to spiral around her and cause an almost funnel , lifting some of her dark hair up towards the heavens. With the bang on a note she watched as the moths fluttered away in an explosion and her hair waved out behind her. Finishing a final l few moves the petite girl breathes happily and smiled with her eyes closed.

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Breath of Fresh Air
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