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 lets be bad together

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PostSubject: lets be bad together   lets be bad together Icon_minitime11/28/2014, 1:52 pm

Emma hasn't played a prank or committed any acts of vandalism ever since Halloween when she and Morgan had decided to have a little night. Just the thought made her stomach turn and her heart pump widely. She hated it because it's no fun to see anyone get mad at her or for someone to jot be scared. She was becoming an Adan that way and that isn't fun because Adan isn't fun. So she had to do something quick.
Her original plan was to "decorate" the place up after everyone left for lunch but there were still nerds in there playing the new Super Smash Bros when she got in there. That didn't make Emma happy. Her nose flared as she scowled, the corners of her mouth tugging down. One of the nerds noticed her and looked scared when he really should be. That one left, his friends looking at him in confusion until they saw Emma. The Australian had tugged the other ones shirt roughly, bringing him up a little.

"Leave. Now." She growled through gritted teeth. The nerds were easily intimidated, then again they should be. Emma looked scary with her white tank with the words Scared Yet? printed in bold letters, ripping up skinny jeans, and combat boots. Her nose rings and heavy black eyeliner were the icings on the cake as the guys left after she put them down. Good, now she had the place to herself. It'd only take a while to "decorate" this place up.

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lets be bad together
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