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Name: Nathan Michaels

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Dark Brown

Height: 6'3"

Body Type: Slightly Toned

Skin Color: Pale

God Parent: Hecate

Mortal Parent: Adam Michaels

Country of Origin: England

Pets: None.

Talents: Fast reader, very flexible and agile.

Weapon: Celestial Bronze dagger with an amethyst at the end of the handle.

Personality: Nathan is a shy person. He doesn't have many friends but the ones he does have, he has a strong connection with. He enjoys meditating, yoga and reading books.

Flaws: Thinks he is stronger than he actually is, very withdrawn, very cautious about new people.

Abilities: Can sense when magic is close to him.

Powers: Can create a small ball of light within his palm at will. Ball of light cannot leave his palm and cannot last forever. Very slowly drains him of energy if used continuously over a long period of time (e.g minimum 40 minutes before he starts to feel his energy being drained)

Life Before Camp: Nathan Michaels had a pretty normal life. School, reading books and studying, talking with his friends. A few broken bones here and there from general clumsiness. His dad raised him, they never spoke about Nathan's mother. In fact, Nathan had no idea what his mother looked like. There were no pictures and his dad never told Nathan what his mother looked like, no matter how hard Nathan pleaded. Not long after his 13th birthday, he noticed shady looking people kept following him. He saw them everywhere he went. His dad moved him around a lot, from one city to the next, never staying more than 8 months until one day his dad told him they were moving to America, L.A. to be exact. But the shady people followed them there. It was on his 16th birthday when they attacked him. And they probably would have killed him if not for the satyr who showed up. So they ran and ran, through forests and over hills. Never staying still for too long. And then they reached Camp Half-Blood.

RP Example: A small chill runs down my spine, a feeling I am all to familiar with. Magic. I can sense it close by. I try to pinpoint which direction it's coming from but something seems to be interfering with my ability to sense magic. I look around the room trying to spot anything that could indicate magic is being used, but I see nothing. Nothing obvious anyway. Cautiously, I move forward, scanning my surroundings and using the ball of light within my palm to see my path ahead.

Any notes about your characters: Is more active around midnight.
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Nathan Michaels - Hecate
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