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 Owen remake

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Owen remake Noah-centineo

Name: Owen Kennedy Tier
Gender: Male
Mortal Parent: Neara Tier- She was an art teacher in Italy, until she was fired due to budget cuts. Owen was three months old at this time. She and Owen were in a struggle, her constantly looking for jobs and living poorly. Finally, nine months later, she moved to America and became a banker there. Neara originally met Hermes in an actual Italian restaraunt. They "dated" for around three months, and then she was pregnant with Owen. Soon, he left, leaving her a letter explainig everything a week after Owen's birth.
God Parent: Hermes, god of stealing, transportation, and lots of other things.
Date of Birth: February 18th, 2000
Place of Birth: Owen was born in northern Italy.
Hometown/Last Residence: New York City, New York, in a decent house
Race/ethnicity: Owen is Italian-American.
Accent: Owen's voice sounds like an Eastern-America boy.
Skin Tone: He has tan skin.
Eye Color: Owen's eyes are hazel.
Hair Color: Owen's hair is blonde (yes, still working on the face claim)
Hair Length: Owen's hair is fairly long.
Height: Owen's 5'9" or so.
Weight: Owen weighs 130-140ish pounds. I think that sounds about right.
Body Type: Owen is skinny with a little muscle. I guess you could say an athletic build, just a bit skinnier.
Pet(s): none
Social Status:
Summer or Year Rounder: Depends on what he and his mother wants that specific year. Mostly year rounder, though, because he loves camp.
Years at Camp:
Life Before Camp:
Role-playing Example:

Jason Sungo, son of Hecate~17
12 slots

Mystery Box Prizes: 3 monster attacks, a name change, god parent visit
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Owen remake
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